Thursday, July 03, 2008

Escape With Your Life!

At long last (about one and a half years in the making from initial concepts to actual construction of the box)....our big multimedia health intervention video game for MD Anderson Health Science Center is ready to go. Actually some of you may have seen this post last year for just a day, but the client saw it and asked that I take it down until the project was officially announced. Pretty cool looking, eh? It's called "Escape With Your Life" and it's a real damn video game! That's right folks, we made the entire thing: created the characters, wrote the scripts, animated everything, did all the programming, recorded all the voice-overs in our studio's recording booth (you may recognize such voice and built the kiosk (actually three of them). I did all the backgrounds and character design and art, and some of the animation (when I had time). I built the kiosk from scratch out of MDF, it has a real arcade joystick, a touch screen, and a MacMini running on the inside. I created the art for the case and had it output on vinyl and applied it to the case after painting it black. Of course the folks at MD Anderson Health Science Center were involved in all aspects of the project. And even though I wanted to toot our horn, it's all their baby! I'll post some grabs from the game next time.