Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Picnic At The Park

Here's a fun project I just wrapped up, illustration and design for the annual fundraiser for First Steps Montessori School. It's a picnic themed function being held down at Minute Maid Park in April. I was going for a "Golden Book Vibe" on this one.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Kennon's Collaborative Sketchbook

A bud of mine from "A Scanner Darkly" days started a collaborative sketchbook back in 2006, and I was privileged enough to get a crack at it. The story goes one page at a time in Exquisite Corpse style with each new artist having full reign on what they get to add. Go check out the other participants at Kennon's blog to see the story so far, and also check out his own work while you're there (especially the TMNT work), he's got some awesome stuff!