Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow Angels

The commissioned work from the fall that was designed to fit in a number 10 envelope made me think it would be fun to make our card that format this year too. The only drawback is we had to buy a box of 500 envelopes! Sheesh. I also like to dabble in that "no outline" style every once and a while for fun. Happy Holidays everyone!

Friday, December 24, 2010

SK Christmas Swap

Last year we did a White Elephant for our Christmas Party, but to avoid having to get stuff we don't want or need this year we each brought a piece of art instead. We just put all our names in a hat and each got another SK artwork. I did a little Christmas dame based on an old pinup magazine cover. This is the G version, the original is a little more PG-13 (just contact me if you would like to see it). Eric Pearce was the recipient of mine which is pretty lucky since he's a big Dan DeCarlo fan. This one is ink and Prismacolor Pencil on chipboard.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

T. E. Lawrence

As played by Peter O'Toole in the film "Lawrence of Arabia". For my art teacher holiday gift exchange this year we gave the name of a celebrity we wanted to receive art of, but we didn't know who the art was going to be for. After checking out all the possibilities online and changing my mind a few times I chose this image mostly because he was young and it was also his most sexy role. It was also more challenging for me because it's always harder to draw attractive people that craggily old faces with lots of character. Every little subtle stroke can make a huge difference in capturing the likeness.

I also used one of my vintage frames for this project.