Thursday, June 29, 2006

Substance D Stickers

In the P. K. Dick's book A Scanner Darkly the world is being taken over by the drug Substance D, described only as a red capsule. One of the possible side effects of this drug when taken in massive doses is that the users brain is gradually split into two distinct, combative entities (which happens to Bob Arctor). During the animation production there was a contest to design the Animation Crew official t-shirt, and this sticker is based on my winning design. On my version I added the black skull, with the top being split in half (and my version was subsequently added to the animation of the capsules in the movie!) If you would like to buy one (or more) of these swell stickers for 50 cents each plus postage just email me for details. The sticker is about 2.75" x 4" on vinyl, perfect for plastering the neighborhood!


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