Friday, October 13, 2006

#788: Secret Compartments Max and His Amazing Stovepipe Hat Full of Eggs and Junk

This is my submission to the 700 Hobos Project. John Hodgman wrote a book named The Areas of My Expertise which included a comprehensive list of notable historical hobo names, numbering 700. A website was created to have 700 cartoonists volunteer to draw one hobo each as a public service or for no particular reason. Russell brought this site to our attention at Sketch Klubb as a potential project, and when this hobo had Stovepipe in his name I could not resist. It might also look a little like me too. Go check them out at, there are still some names left!

1 comment:

Jason Chalker said...

Cool. You look good as a hobo. Maybe you should consider a carreer change. ;)