Monday, May 19, 2008

The Red Bird of Happiness

Whenever Sydney (my 6 year old daughter) can't use her Hello Kitty lunch bag because they have a field trip or something I will do a little drawing for her. This was actually the first time I thought to take a photo before it's gone forever (they never seem to make it back home).


alicia said...

That's a spiffy bird! Lucky Syndey.

My mom used to do the same thing to my bag lunches (or on lunchbox days, she'd draw on my napkins). I don't remember getting colored drawings much, but still they were awesome custom artwork nonetheless.

It's nice to see some other's folks' awesome bag lunch art.

Kennon said...

One of the perks of being an artist. We can throw down art at random.

Very cool my man.

(Your kid's teach probably has a stash of Stovall bags)

Jason Chalker said...

Nice. So, I think that probably puts you in the running for the "Best Dad Ever" award.


Thanks guys. I really had to contain myself and not go look up a photo of a Cardinal on the internet. I have maybe 5 minutes to do these when I remember with all the getting ready for school activities.

Anonymous said...

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