Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Days Long Past, No. 14

Based on a photo by Robert Capa of President Harry Truman in an old Life Magazine compilation that was my grandparents. Whenever I would look through that book I was always drawn to this image. Pitt Brush pen and Copic marker.


Jason Chalker said...

Nice Mike! Good to see you posting again. I've missed it. I love how you used the brown in this one.

How do you like the Copics? I've kind of wanted to try them out, but they're pretty pricey. Are they worth the money. It looks like you get a pretty even tone with them.


The Copic Marker are a little steep, but they give really smooth tones. I tried using my Pitt color pens and they are not really very good with the color. The nice thing about the Copics though is that I've had this set for probably three or four years, and they don't show any sign of drying out. I guess the Japanese spent a lot of design time on the marker body too.

Dominic Bugatto said...

Nice one.