Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Center for Cartoon Studies

Over the Summer I went up to Vermont for a summer workshop on cartooning at CCS in White River Junction. It was an intensive, one week program to help you get a kick-start into cartooning with classes, help from the pros and lots of studio time. It really helps you get past the old "what should I do next" syndrome. I also wanted to others teaching cartooning so I could maybe improve my cartooning classes. The goal of the week was determined by each student, but most were able to complete an entire mini-comic. My project was to work on a story my friend Shannon Rasberry has been writing. I wont get into too much detail on the story, but I was able to storyboard the first chapter, tight pencil and ink the first five pages, which was about a page finished a day which they told me was a very solid rate. So enough words...time for pictures.

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