Monday, October 24, 2011

Frankie's Squeeze X30!

Well this year I went all crazy and decided to screenprint my monster art, so prints will be available at the Austin and Houston Monster Shows! I hadn't printed anything since college so special thanks to Carlos at Burning Bones Press for helping me get it done!

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Adam said...

Hey there Mr. Fancypants!

(I am making the wild assumption that your pants are fancy, though I know it's going out on a limb to assume you are wearing any pants at all.)

Found your blog doing some random link-surfing (landed here via Manly Art Blog via Super Punch) and fell in love with the "Frankie's Squeeze" image and am digging your work in general.

I see that printing and selling your work may be a rarity, but I'm wondering if you have anything for sale, or any leftover prints of this piece you could part with?