Monday, November 21, 2011

The Elusive Toonfish

The Texas Art Education Association asked Houston area art teachers to create an aquatic creature for a silent auction with the funds going to a scholarship fund. We were given a rectangle of wood, a dowel and a couple of pieces of canvas but after that we were on our own. I cut the base into the wavy shape and made the seaweed out of tin, then cut, stuffed the fish and painted everything in acrylic. It ended up about 18" long and 10" tall. It also peaked my interest in building stuff.


Christopher S. Jennings said...

That is the frikkin bomb.

Kennon said...

What Christopher said.

Susie said...

Rock on with your bad self. You know, it kind of looks like Gary Baseman...more you than him, but somehow the 3-Dness brings a little Baseman in.