Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oakland Museum of California

While out in San Francisco we made a stop at the Oakland Museum of California to check out the Daniel Clowes retrospective. It was a really amazing exhibit, seeing the art at it's created size is always a real eye opener. It definitely gets the creative juices flowing. And while I would love to show some photos, it was strictly forbidden and the docents there made it impossible to even sneak a pic.

As a consolation another exhibit at the museum was themed California Portraits and they had a touchscreen with some drawing program. The idea is that you would draw a self portrait and it was them added to a continually running show on a monitor. When you finish it you also give them your email address so they would send your art to you, and it just came today! So here is my little face I drew while a field trip of fifteen eight-year olds hovered behind me for their turn.

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