Friday, January 24, 2014

Sketch Klubb Box13 Show

On January 11 SketchKlubb (the collective I'm in) had a show at Box13 Art Space. When we first applied for and were accepted for the show we had 12 longstanding members. Last Summer we lost one, Michael Harwell. We loved that guy dearly and it was a shock to all of us. As the show was getting closer we had a lot of mixed feeling on what to do, and in the end decided on a tribute of sorts to Michael. He was very fond of bad drawings of Bart Simpson so our show became 1,000 Crappy Barts for Michael Harwell plus Klay Klubb. Here are a couple of great write-ups by Glass Tire and Robert Boyd. We will be having a closing party to sell all the drawings on February 15th.

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